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  • ‘I Don’t Want this Child!’ – when Attachment doesn’t stand a chance


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    ‘I Don’t Want this Child!’ – when Attachment doesn’t stand a chance


    SKU: ‘I Don’t Want this Child!’ – when Attachment doesn't stand a chance; Date: 23 March 2023, 4:00am-7:00am; Early Bird ticket for online streaming + video recording. Price of the ticket includes VAT and applicable taxes. Categories: , , , , , , , , , Tags: ,

    In our focus on the developing Attachment Bond in therapeutic studies, we might end up not discussing situations where, for a variety of reasons – whether individual or societal, the mother is just not ready to accept the new addition to her life. Attachment doesn’t even have a starting ground in these scenarios – are all such situations headed for an insecure and maladapted foundation? What dynamics underly situations where the mother is just not ready to take the first steps towards Attachment? And what does this mean for the clients that we see?

About webinar training courses for therapists

Carefully created as immersive experiences, our e-learning and video courses are designed with the learner in mind. Our online courses provide a unique and easily accessible way for psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors to enhance their skills.

nscience is a leading provider of world-class continuing professional development (CPD) training programmes for psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors worldwide. Through the mediums of video-courses and self-learning online course modules, we deliver practical, cutting edge content for practitioners who are keen to stay ahead of the curve.

The rise of the webinar has provided a means by which ‘on-the-go’ mental health practitioners – both currently active and aspiring – can conveniently update their skills and knowledge, while still benefitting from an immersive and stimulating environment.

Much as the COVID-19 pandemic has helped make the delivery of online therapy sessions a more obvious choice for many mental health professionals and their clients, so the webinar has gained new traction as an alternative to the traditional in-person seminar.

You may wish to interact with world-class training content delivered by widely renowned speakers, but there may be barriers to you reaching a brick-and-mortar site in order to attend such events. Alternatively, you may simply not wish to travel to the opposite end of the country for the chance to build on your existing knowhow in your field of specialism, when sophisticated video conferencing software now exists that can make you feel as if you are there.

Webinars can also greatly bolster the all-round accessibility of lessons that may have previously only been open to a certain segment of the population for in-person attendance. For this and many other reasons, it can be safely said that webinars for the continued professional development (CPD) of  psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors is very much here to stay.

nscience is far from ‘just another’ portal to training content for mental health practitioners. That’s because we are highly regarded for our track record in bringing together webinars and other events and courses that are delivered by internationally renowned experts and reflect the latest research-backed thinking. Our courses are stimulating, relevant and actionable – not to mention wide-ranging – and provide scope for online streaming as well as access to a video recording after the event.

You have the luxury of being able to easily enhance your knowledge in almost any conceivable mental health discipline when you peruse the variety of webinars available at nscience. Listed below are just some of the possibilities for the subjects your next nscience webinar could touch upon:

Regardless of your present level of experience and expertise as a mental health professional – or if you are yet to even enter the field – you can expect to gain insights from our webinars that you can then apply to your real-life practice.

We take pride in constructing our courses and events for psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise in modalities related to their field of expertise, which reflects the innovative and flexible nature of psychotherapeutic work today. In short, when you sign up for a webinar at nscience, you can look forward to an educational, enriching and invaluable experience.

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